Bruno Gomes

Software Developer


I am a self-taught software developer with a strong passion for all things web. Extremely motivated and committed to delivering the best code I can produce following best practices. I spend my time learning my trade and working on my personal projects.


A Ruby on Rails developer with nearly a year of experience, competent in all aspects of the framework as well as the Ruby Language. Really enjoy coding with Ruby for its beauty, readability and versatility.

Even though it's my language of choice, I am currently coding in Python and Django at my current job. I want to learn several languages and frameworks as I believe it will make me a better programmer. It is important to have a wide skill set so you can always use the best tool for the job.

Competent in client-side Javascript and looking forward to learn Javascript frameworks such as BackoneJS or Ember.

Capable of making simple, clean and effective web applications that are easy to use and responsive to a variety of devices.

Skills Languages & Frameworks

Ruby Rails Javascript jQuery Python Django HTML CSS SASS LESS Bootstrap Git

Work Experience

Web Developer

LetoLabNov 2012, Present

  • Web application development for several client following Agile methodologies.
  • Work on the entire stack, adding features both on the back-end and front-end controlling the entire user experience.
  • Back-end: Python, Django, MySQL
  • Front-end: Javascript, jQuery, LESS, HTML, CSS
  • Not only converting PSD's to HTML/CSS but also creating simple and beautiful interfaces from wireframes.

IT Support Technician

Clarins UK LtdNov 2010, Aug 2011

  • Monitored and maintained HP ProCurve Layer 3 switches and Cisco 2800 routers on a daily basis.
  • Built network documentation diagrams using Visio 2007.
  • Designed STP improvements increasing the available bandwidth by 100% at zero cost.
  • Thoroughly tested WAN link performance (latency, throughput, bandwidth) using iperf.
  • Troubleshot Check Point VPN connections at the end user level.
  • Desktop support in a 300+ users' network, both remote and on-site.

Personal Projects


Web app that reminds flat share tenants of cleaning duties by email. Used Ruby on Rails, Devise, Twitter Bootstrap and PostgreSQL. It is hosted on and the code available at my github account.

Basketball Stats

Basketball being my other passion, I just had to use my skills to solve a problem that I had as a player. It's a webapp where you can store all the stats of your players and teams. It's a work in progress. Used Ruby on Rails with Rspec, CarrierWave, Rmagick, will-paginate, nested_form, Twitter Bootstrap and MySQL. The source code can be found at my github account.



  • CS101 - Building a Search Engine - Prof. David Evans (University of Virginia)
  • CS212 - Design of Computer Programs - Prof. Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google)
  • CS253 - Web Application Engineering - Steve Huffman (Creator of Reddit and Hipmunk)

Cisco CCNA


BSc Physics (not completed)

University of Lisbon